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Downloading video files


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How to upload videos to the lesson, where you can download videos from, what size and formats are supported.

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Youtube video Upload 

KWIGA has the ability to upload videos from your Youtube channel, for this just paste the link to the video as shown in the picture.

This can be a shared video or “unlisted” video.

Important - if you plan to restrict access to content, we recommend “unlisted” video. In this case Youtube generates a unique link that will be known only to you. And you can decide for yourself who to send the link to and who not.

This way you can sell the course and be sure that no one will share the link with friend and so on. Since the participants will watch the video not on Youtube, but on KWIGA, and they will not have access to the link.

Upload videos from Vimeo

Loads the same way as a Youtube video.

Unlike Youtube, the free version of Vimeo has a download limit video up to 500 mb. per week.

Upload video from user's device

You can upload the finished video directly from your device, for then press “+”, select the option “From computer” and specify the path to the video.

Or just drag and drop the video as shown.

You can upload files up to 2 Gb in .mov, .mp4, .3gp, .divx, .flv, .mpeg, .mpg, .wmv, .mkv

Important - The video is automatically added to your library.

Upload video from KWIGA

All content you upload is automatically added to your media library. For convenience, you can immediately upload all the material to the media library and when creating a course choose the one you want.

To download a video from your library, click “+” option “From library”, and select the desired video.

Please note that a download protection feature is planned for the platform (currently under development). Protection will be set by default to all video files.

If reliability, security and content protection are important to you - use the storage service from KWIGA.

Important - for storing files on KWIGA - will be charged payment according to tariffs for storage and CDN (read more in the article “Payment for KWIGA services”)