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Using checkpoints


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How to set up the course so that access to the next lesson is only opened after the student has done his homework or passed the test.

Checkpoint is a control point that allows you to do a slice of students' knowledge and opens access to subsequent lessons only after after the student completes the homework.

How to set a checkpoint

To set a checkpoint - when creating a lesson, in the lesson access section, activate the button “Set checkpoint”

If you want to add a checkpoint to an existing course - in the upper right corner of the toolbar, select the "Products" tab, and the button “Lesson editor” under the desired course.

Thus, go to the “Tutorials” section, here there are all training modules with lessons from the selected course.

Click on the “Edit Lesson” and activate the button “Set checkpoint”

What can be a checkpoint?

You can set a specific test or task in a lesson as a checkpoint. If the lesson has several tests or tasks, then you can choose which one them will be a checkpoint.

Important - before setting a checkpoint, tests or tasks must be added to the lesson. See here. Job type to be set as checkpoint can be selected from the drop-down menu.

Important - there are two approval options for assignments and tests:

  • Automatic - the test will be approved immediately if the participant has typed the required number of points.
  • Required review by the curator - the curator or expert manually reviews answers.
    Important! If an assignment or test requires checkpoints, and are selected as a checkpoint, students will not be able to proceed to the next lessons until the assignments or tests are checked.