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Select most suitable way to accept payments for your products


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Describing options for accepting payments for your products

On Kwiga, you can use the acceptance of payments through payment systems  Stripe, Paypal, Wayforpay, Liqpay, Fondy, plata by mono, CoinPayments, Interkassa, Portmone.. In all cases, you do not pay any commission Kwiga platform, and the funds will go directly to your account. Connection payment system takes a few minutes, and save several minutes on each client.


When accepting payments on Kwiga, access to purchased materials will be given automatically and directly after payment. Students will not need contact you and provide proof of payment, await verification and etc. Buying a course, webinar or package will be much more comfortable will have a positive impact on conversion - the less time between the decision and payment - the higher the number of payments.

Multiple rates

If your products contain multiple rates, students will be able to choose the most suitable for them. You also have the option to crosssell offers that will be visible when students pay.


When paying on Kwiga, you can set the option to pay in installments for your students, which is always relevant and significantly increases sales.

Payment with bonuses

If you have more than one product, then the ability to pay with bonuses will add involvement and value for students. Bonuses you can accrue to the participant Your courses for the successful completion of a lesson, course, completed assignment, etc. A popular marketing tool that fits perfectly into the page payment.

Using promo codes

Promo codes are a great opportunity to expand your audience with using an affiliate program. A commonly used “story trick or a post on social networks indicating a promotional code” - irreplaceable, but with payment for Kwiga You can evaluate the effectiveness of each promotional code in a few clicks.