KWIGA help center LMS (education) Students and participants: adding and interacting How to "freeze" access to a course?

How to "freeze" access to a course?


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Learn more about how to suspend access to a course for one or more participants.

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Set the course end date for all participants

Course access is configured through offers. It is through various offers, you can create different rates for participation in the course, incl. with different expiration date.

End date for access to the course, configured in the Sales section - Suggestions.

When editing your offer, at the step Product and access to content has the ability to set Duration access to content - determine when students will end access to the product.

When members have already gained access, you can view their information in course details, incl. view the expiration date for each of them.

Simply click on the sign Participants under the link to presentation page of the course.

Freeze Access

You can pause access to a course for one or more students, at the same time, for the rest of the course participants, the offer settings will remain without changes.

Click on Freeze under the closing date, and enter how much days/months, access will be suspended.

The participant will not be able to view course content during this period, and The access expiration date will be shifted by the number of freeze days automatically.

On the list of participants, next to the name, information will appear that access suspended. And of course, you can Unfreeze at any time.

What will a student see if access is suspended

For the student, access will be suspended immediately after saving.To the student you will be notified.

The course content will not be available in the student's office during the freeze period. BUT The new course expiration date will be displayed below the title.