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How to see the progress of participants?


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Learn more about how to view information about participants, including their progress on the course, the number of lessons completed, and the number of practical assignments completed.

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Where is the progress of the participants displayed?

After successfully launching a course and adding participants, you can view progress data in the course details.

To view, in the top menu Products select Course and under the name of the course click on Course Participants.

The Members tab displays information about your students.

You can view the basic data: name and email address, date of opening and closing access. There are also buttons for extending and freezing access to the course for an individual participant, the date and time of the last activity on Kwiga and directly data on the progress of each participant.

Progress, analytics. How to download an extended report?

You can view more detailed information on the student's progress on the course on the tab Progress, analytics.

It displays information for each participant, namely the date when he joined the course, how many days the participant already has access to it and how many days are left on the course.

It also shows the date of the last activity on the platform, general information about the progress of the course, the percentage of completed practice and the total number of points for them. If the participant is assigned to one of the curators, then on this tab you can see for whom exactly, and for which offer / order access to the course was obtained.

To view extended information on student progress, you can Download the extended report. So You'll get access to a file that shows in more detail which lessons and practices have been completed, the status of each individual practice, and the number of points scored.

How is progress calculated?

There are 4 main metrics that show a student's progress in a course: Lessons Viewed , Practice and Practice Points, and Overall Progress .

Lesson progress is calculated as the ratio of all lessons to the number of viewed. A lesson is considered viewed if 85% of the materials have been listened to or viewed, and if there is no video or audio in the lesson, then 5 seconds of being on the page with the lesson is enough.

Next to the percentage of progress, the number of lessons is also shown: completed lessons / all lessons.

The progress of practices on the course is accordingly calculated as the percentage of completed practices of the total number of practical tasks.

In addition to percentages, the number of completed practices / not passed / total number of practical tasks is shown next to it.

Points for practice show for each participant the number of points scored for completed practices and next - the maximum possible number of points for all practices on the course.

Overall progress - shows the percentage of completion of the course, taking into account both the viewed lessons and practices.

Note! Progress on a course or bootcamp is calculated based on the lessons that the student sees. In the tariff settings, the student may not have access to all the lessons of the course, but can see that there are lessons that are not available to him.

Example: a student purchased access according to a price plan in which some of the lessons are not available: there are 20 lessons in total in the course, and access according to the price plan is given to 15. The student completed all 15 lessons available to them, but the progress is 75%, since some lessons remain uncompleted. To change this %, the student must purchase access to the remaining 5 lessons.

The course has a setting that allows you to hide lessons that are not available to the student in the offer settings. If hiding lessons is enabled (that is, the student does not see lessons that are not available to him), then progress in the course is calculated based on the lessons that the student sees, and for the example above, after completing 15 lessons out of 20, the student will see 100%.