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Find out how:


Start with selecting a product

How to create a product, what you can create and sell on Kwiga

Fill the product with content

An easy guide on how to launch a product

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What should I do if the video won't load or play?

How to fix video loading errors on older versions of Windows or browsers that haven't been updated.

How to integrate a payment system on Kwiga?

To accept payments through payment systems

Zoom integration and usage essentials

All you need to know about integrating your Zoom account with Kwiga, scheduling and hosting meetings.

Changing the project (cabinet) name and other public settings

How to change the public data of an account, what it is, what it affects and where it is displayed.

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Kwiga LMS features

This article summarizes the main features and capabilities of Kwiga LMS for all infobusiness products.

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Inserting iframe code

Supplement lessons with additional materials by inserting presentations, tables, and quizzes right into the lesson!

How to "freeze" access to a course?

Learn more about how to suspend access to a course for one or more participants.

How to update a student's rate and keep their progress?

How to update a member's offer without losing their progress data. What to do when you need to change a student's rate to a higher one.

How to change the expiration date of the course?

Learn more about how to increase or decrease an individual student's course access period without changing your rate settings.

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How to schedule and conduct a webinar

How to schedule the date and time of the webinar, choose a broadcast source, add a logo, how to launch a paid and free webinar.

How to host a webinar on Kwiga via Youtube Live

How to create a broadcast on Youtube Live, validate your google account, limit video access and hold a webinar on kvig.

How to hold a meeting or webinar via Zoom

How to connect your Zoom account at Kwiga, how to schedule a conference at Zoom, Zoom account requirements, what are the benefits of hosting a webinar at Kwiga.

How to schedule an auto webinar

How to schedule auto webinar, add video, connect the ad unit, add a splash screen, how to run a paid and free auto webinar.

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How to create a marathon?

Learn more about how to create an online marathon, set up its stages and add tasks.

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How to create a task for different offers?

How to make the settings of practical tasks in the lessons differ depending on the offers, with and without a curator's check.

How to create an assignment with mandatory verification by the curator?

What to do if your course implies mandatory verification of tasks by the curator. Learn more about how to attach an assignment as a simple question and how it will appear in the lesson.

How to add an assignment to a lesson?

Learn more about how to attach an assignment, as well as what a lesson with an assignment looks like for a student.

How to add a test to a lesson?

How to add the test, as well as what the lesson looks like with the attached test for the student.

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How to give access to the course

How to give access to the course if the payment was done earlier or on different platform

How your course is seen by your audience

Check how your students see the course or any other product

How to find an email with a code needed to access Kwiga account

Let's show you how to find an email with a code to sign in to your Kwiga account

Select most suitable way to accept payments for your products

Describing options for accepting payments for your products

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How to create cross-sell offers in Kwiga?

How to use cross-sell offers in Kwiga to show students and give them the opportunity to buy related products, compatible or similar offers.

How to create a package offer

Creating package access to multiple courses, creating special offers and promotions to sell multiple products: course+webinars, course+personal consultations, etc.

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How to see the progress of participants?

Learn more about how to view information about participants, including their progress on the course, the number of lessons completed, and the number of practical assignments completed.

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